Wealth Building Club
done for you property

Our exclusive 'done for you' service is designed to take you to the next level.  

The Property Lifestyle is all about family, helping you put time back into your life.  Giving you an alternative to working 9-5 for the next 40 years robbing you of time to spend how you want.  

We want you to build your generational legacy giving your family the life they deserve. 

Our Property Quadrants™ formula is used to find the right property for your portfolio, whether you want a passive income property with instant positive cash flow or an active income property to make a lump sum of cash. 

Nichole Lewis is an international best selling author, a motivational speaker, an award winning property investor and a passive income mentor with a 100% success rate in helping her clients build passive income to replace their corporate salary, known as The Queen of Property. 

You will get a ninety minute one on one portfolio planning session with Nichole to ascertain  exactly what property we will find for you to make the money you desire. 

Then you sit back and we will deliver the very best property right to you.

P.S. The figures you see in the green circles below are results clients have achieved through Wealth Building Club and you can too. 

IR Cluster Properties Purchased
Monthly Passive Income
10 Year Capital Gain

You are eligible to join Wealth Building Club if you:

  • have a desire to build a property portfolio to replace your corporate income 
  • already own at least one property 
  • are motivated, have had success in your career and want to secure your future 
  • ​are approved (or can be approved) to buy the property we find you
  • ​pay our minuscule $1000  one off WBC membership
  • ​have funds to renovate and or joint venture with us (if you want us to do the work for your active income). 
To see if Wealth Building Club can help you reach new heights, book a 30 minute strategy call now

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