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"I have been working with Nichole in a mentoring relationship for a while now, as she is not only hugely experienced in everything relating to property, but she is also very approachable. Nichole has huge integrity and gives honest, open and comprehensive advice. Her knowledge of the industry, as well as her range of contacts within the property environment, is valuable, and readily shared with anyone she works with. I can't recommend Nichole highly enough."


"I have appreciated many discussions about residential property investment with Nichole Lewis of The Property Lifestyle Limited over the last two years. Nichole is a seasoned and successful investor herself, having weathered the rigors and enjoyed the benefits of several property investment cycles. She has creative flair, visualising the ‘diamond in the rough’ (the hidden development potential of an existing property) … and then systematically organises the transformation work, to a high standard … with stunning results. Nichole has a friendly, personable, easy-going (= non-pushy!) approach which is both respectful and reassuring … firstly showing interest in my investing goals … and then considering creatively how I could invest. I felt she offered her honest opinion on where/how to invest wisely and successfully. Nichole’s thirst for relevant subject knowledge, her moving among various related investor circles and her long, real-time investing experience … together, provide a great foundation for her to offer informed and credible support to people seeking to dip their toes in the unknown waters of property investment as well as those who have ridden many a wave."


"This is such an incredible offer! So encourage and inspiring with an excellent network of people to join.  The Property Lifestyle Live step by Sept process is simple and i know i am going to achieve my goals.  I was daunted when i first started as property is hundred of thousands of dollars but I've found Nichole and all the property people i have me through her networks to be encourage and now i'm out there doing property every day.  Can't recommend Property Lifestyle Live enough."

This changed my belief in property to get my first rental and build my portfolio!

I highly  recommend this if you want to use property to achieve financial freedom. 

This course sets you up for property success, I recommend it for anyone

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